Stop having a flat ass and get the butt you want! 


All the exercise in the world will not make your butt bigger without the correct eating plan!  This an age old principle that has been around since the first person picked up a weight to get bigger.  The same applies to your butt. 

You can't build anything without the material to build it with.  For your body that material is food.  You need the right amount of calories to see improvement or results will go no where! 

This is a piece of the puzzle that is lacking in every source of advice I have seen on growing a bigger butt. Everybody has a million ways to do a squat but no recommendations on what to eat to get results from the exercise.

The general consensus in the diet industry is to always eat less.  Less calories, less junk, less carbs and less fat.  But what is needed to grow a butt is the correct amount of food.  This is especially true for very skinny women. 

 Here is what is inside 

  • The formula to calculate how many calories you need to eat each day and how to separate those calories into proteins, fats and carbs. 
  • A plan on how to structure your meals for each day to make sure you are in the right zone for gains.
  • A list of the best sources for proteins, carbs and fats that make this diet work.
  • A recipe for the "Thicc Shake".  Make 1 or 2 of these a day to supplement your eating plan. 
  • Advice on how to change the plan depending on your body type.  
  • Example days of eating.
  • Recommendations on how long to see results.  


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