What kind of program you need will depend on your starting point.  Our workouts are separated into 3 catergories to get you the results you want. Women come in all shapes and sized and the needs for each person vary.


This body type is the lady with no butt or hips who wants to add some mass to that ass.  Start filling out your jeans and turn some heads this year when you walk by. 

This body type usually doesn't weigh much or have much body fat to lose.  A long, tall or lean frame is the norm with straight hips.  While genetics do dictate our general shape, there is a lot we can to hypertrophy (grow) the muscles of butt and also the thighs to create a more pleasing curve. 

Shape and lose weight

Some ladies have the right size but not the quality they want.  They might also need to drop their body fat down and lose a few pounds to improve the waist line for a better hip to waist ratio.  But at the same time not lose all their "assets" in the process.  Our routine will teach the exercises to use or  to avoid to build up the muscle while dropping the fat. 

Lots to lose

If you have a lot of weight to lose but want to have a great finishing result then you need the right program.  Typical exercise routines of excessive cardio and starvation diets might make you smaller but everything gets flatter, flabbier and you lose muscle.  It is important to drop the pounds and build the muscle in order to get the quality you want.

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